Swing Bridge



Our Swing bridge kit is based on the Newcastle-upon-Tyne swing bridge, which has an elegant arch design.

Swing bridges are less commonly constructed now, but some new designs are very cool. While traditional swing bridges used a truss design, more often we now see swing bridges with the suspension design and a cantilevered style.

The Newcastle upon Tyne swing bridge is the third bridge on the same site. The first bridge, the Pons Aelius, was built by the Romans  (around 122)   Around 1270, and in disrepair, it was demolished and another stone bridge replaced it. That bridge was in destroyed by the great flood of 1771, and in 1781  a new stone bridge replaced it. With an increase in shipping, that bridge needed to be removed, so ships could pass upriver, so that bridge was replaced by the present swing bridge. Increased shipping activity led to the stone bridge being removed in 1866 to make way for construction of the present Swing Bridge, which opened in 1876.

The El Ferdan swing bridge in Egypt (over the Suez Canal)  is pretty cool, and the builders decided to place it at the side, so ships didn’t run into it incase they weren’t paying attention (or, if it was destroyed it wouldn’t block the canal, since there was some concern about unrest in the area back then). Of course this means when it is across the canal, one end sticks way out over the land. WE have added a youtube video of the Little Current Bridge in Norhern(ish)  Ontario. There is also a great, yet blurry, video of an old swing bridge in Gippsland Victoria